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I see the Moon

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

I see the moon and the moon sees me

The moon sees someone that I can’t see

God bless the moon and God bless me

God bless the someone that I can’t see

I sung this lullaby to my children and as they are grown and living elsewhere I often look up at the moon and same a prayer for them. The same moon that is reflecting the sun’s light on me is reflecting upon them.

The moon has always fascinated me. I can’t help but think of God and his all powerful, ever-present, all-knowing character represented to me in all the features of the moon. It is a cold, dark, rock that brilliantly displays the reflected light of the sun to the entire world! That’s what Christians are to do with the love of God, display His radiant light to the entire world. I love looking up at it and thinking about all the people I know and love around the world looking up at it too.

Buzz Aldrin, one of the first men on the moon responded to that significant moment in time by taking communion. He read the Bible and shared in the Lord’s Supper. Later he said, “It was interesting for me to think: the very first liquid ever poured on the Moon, and the very first food eaten there, were the Communion elements.”

Tonight I’m in a parking lot with my tripod attempting to capture a photo of the blood moon and wishing all the kids were here with me. Before the full eclipse I get a text from Austin “Are you watching the moon?” He knows I’ll probably be somewhere with camera in hand. “Yes of course and I plan to get a fantastic shot.” It’s really hard to get a good photograph of the moon but I’m determined to make it happen. Right at the full eclipse I text him

“I see the moon and the moon sees me”. He happens to be texting me at the same time with

“I can’t see the moon and the moon can’t see me”. LOL we text back to each other.

Now nearly a man, Austin used to be difficult to get to sleep. He protested every minute of not fully engaging with life. He would squirm and fuss and refuse to give in to the very thing that I knew he needed. Reddening puffy eyes, rubbing his face into my shoulder, wanting to cuddle, he had all the signs of a baby needing rest but he would fight it with every fiber in his body. Eventually he would always give in and “sleep like a baby”, but it wasn’t without a struggle.

Why are babies like that? Clearly their bodies need to sleep, but they fight the rest with every ounce of strength they have. It’s the best thing for them to sleep and boost their growing systems. Sound sleep is one of the best re-chargers we can give our bodies. Studies are now showing that improper sleep causes weight gain, lack of mental clarity, and even depression.

As I watched Austin fight so hard to avoid the sleep he needed, I thought about how God must look at us. He cradles us in his arms as we fight against the very thing that we need more than anything. Our stubborn will works against the love and care that he so dearly wants to provide for us. We don’t always understand it to be the best thing for us, so we fight. We wiggle out of it and protest the care while he lovingly rocks us and says “trust me, it’s time for you to rest”.

It’s so easy to fight the goodness God has for us. In our childlike manner, we may not see how what is before us is really his goodness. But in his Omniscience, he has it covered. He knows the past, the present, the future are all masterfully knit together to create a tapestry in our souls that will reflect his beauty for eternity. Sometime that very thing He wants for us is more challenging than a good nights sleep or Sabbath rest.

I try to keep that in mind when I start leading new groups. We all have a story and you never know what story a person is carrying around with them. They could be fighting it, not wanting to submit to its truth, and possibly displaying “I’m not going to rest” behavior. Maybe she talks too much and controls group time, she needs to be heard. Take her out and give her the floor and then politely explain how group time is for everyone to be heard. Maybe she has a strong personality and shuts everyone down with her powering-up techniques. She needs to know she is safe and vulnerability will bring her freedom. Give her small attainable ways to be successful with her heart. Maybe she knows everything and wants to make sure everyone else understands she is the smartest one in the room. She needs to be loved even when she’s wrong. Help her understand her worth isn’t dependent on her knowledge.

We are all being knit into a tapestry and also helping to knit a tapestry into the people around us. Don’t underestimate the importance of your words and actions. You could be at the most monumental juncture in time and jump around on the moon or turn to God and remember his body and blood sacrificed for us. Your influence could be as big as the moon or as small as getting a baby to sleep but each is an opportunity to reflect the light of the SON to the world around you. Through lullaby’s you sing to your children or the way you hold someone’s story we are creating the fiber of eternity.

God bless the someone that I can’t see.

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